What Can I Do on This Website?
Commercial sector and segment level end use results from the CEUS report can be either viewed interactively in the browser or downloaded as an Excel workbook. A link to these workbooks is found on each of the Results pages for the selected segment and building type. The links change as the user selects and displays the charts. Both interactive data viewing and workbook downloading are accessed from the Results page. A brief explanation of these options follows below.
Review Results Interactively
This action is executed from the Results tab via drop-down control lists. The results presented are a mix of tables and charts, as noted below. Results are generated by choosing a set of segment options (Sector, Building Type, and Fuel) and a Results option, and then selecting the Display Charts button to view the results. Note that whenever a new results view is required, the Display Charts button must be re-selected in order to refresh the results.
Interactive Result Viewing Options Include:
  • The Summary view presents a high-level summary table of energy intensities (EIs), fuel shares, and energy-use indices (EUIs) and a pie-chart of end-use energy use.
  • The Monthly view presents a set of bar charts depicting energy usage and maximum demand by calendar month for the segment. The bars are color-coded with respect to the CEUS project seasons which are: Winter (Dec Feb), Spring (Mar May), Summer (Jun Sep), Fall (Oct Nov).
  • The Bills view presents a simplified billing analysis summary table for electric and natural gas use and billed costs.
  • The 16-Day Type view presents a set of stacked end-use hourly graphs on a 16-day basis: 4 day types (Typical\Hot\Cold Weekdays and Weekend) and 4 seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall).
  • The Monthly Day Type (Season) view presents a set of stacked end-use hourly load shapes using six day types (Typical, Hot, Cold, Saturday, Sunday, Peak) for calendar months included within the indicated season. The Typical, Saturday, and Sunday day types are monthly averages, the Hot\Cold day types are the single hottest\coldest weekdays of the month and the Peak day is the single day with the highest load.
  • The (Whole Bldg\End-Use) 8760 views present whole segment (=Whole Bldg) and end-use hourly consumption graphs for the entire year as one month per panel.
Download a Complete Workbook
Segment results for all of the data that can be viewed interactively are also available for download in a multi-tabbed Excel workbook. The workbook consists of 14 worksheets of data which are:
  • Electric and natural gas energy intensities (EIs = total floor area) and energy-use indices (EUIs = conditioned floor area) and associated data.
  • Electric and natural gas whole-sector and end use load shape data.
  • Other miscellaneous sector definition and results, including the calendar year on which the results are based.
The Workbook Documentation support document contains a complete and detailed description of each tab of the workbook.