What is the California CEUS Study?
The California Commercial End-Use Survey (CEUS) is a comprehensive study of commercial building sector end-use energy use. Itron performed the survey under contract to the California Energy Commission (CEC), and with the support of Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. The survey captures detailed building systems data, building geometry, electricity and gas usage, thermal shell characteristics, equipment inventories, operating schedules, and other commercial building characteristics. A stratified, random sample of 2,800 commercial facilities was targeted and a sample of 2,790 were actually completed. Commercial premises are weighted and aggregated to building segment results. Available study results include floor stocks, fuel shares, electric and natural gas consumption, energy-use indices (EUIs), energy intensities, and 16-day hourly end-use load profiles were estimated for twelve common commercial building type categories.
The complete CEUS report and appendices can be obtained from the CEC’s website:  CEC California CEUS Report and Appendices
Results Presented in the Report Include the Following Attributes:
Regions\Utility Service Areas are PG&E, SDG&E, SCE, and SMUD and “Limited Statewide”, which represents the combined results for all CEUS premises. The “Limited Statewide” results do not represent results for the entire state, only the electric service areas covered by the CEUS study.
Results are also available at the CEC Forecasting Climate Zone level [FCZ Map]. In addition, for the CEUS study, the single SDG&E forecasting climate zone (FCZ13) was analyzed as “coastal” and “inland” sub-zones, designated as “FCZ13/S07” and “FCZ13/S10” respectively.
Building Types are Small (<30K ft2) & Large Office, Restaurant, Retail, Food\Liquor, Refrigerated & Unrefrigerated Warehouse, School, College, Health Care, Hotel\Motel, Miscellaneous. “All Commercial”, “All Warehouse” and “All Office” segments are also represented.
End Uses are Space Heating, Space Cooling, Ventilation, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, Office, Cooking, Refrigeration, Water Heating, Motors (nonHVAC), Air Compressors, Process, and Miscellaneous (for equipment that is not covered by one of the pre-defined end uses).
The California Commercial End-Use Survey Results
Prepared by:Itron, Incorporated
Prepared for:California Energy Commission
Completed:March 2006
Report Number:  .CEC-400-2006-005

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